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Beach Trip 2015 July 10, 2015

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Here’s a few pictures from our beach trip this year!

IMG_6368 IMG_6373 IMG_6382 IMG_6388 IMG_6390 IMG_6397 IMG_6407 IMG_6409 IMG_6413 IMG_6421 IMG_6436 IMG_6438 IMG_6446 IMG_6449 IMG_6460 IMG_6472 IMG_6477 IMG_6489 IMG_6493 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6662 IMG_6676 IMG_6698 IMG_6701 (2) IMG_6710 IMG_6719 IMG_6780 IMG_6783 IMG_6784 IMG_6802 IMG_6803 IMG_6809 IMG_6815 IMG_6817 IMG_6826 IMG_6832 IMG_6872 (3) IMG_6875 IMG_6882


Potty Training January 19, 2015

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It’s all fun and games…


until you actually have to sit on the potty.


But they say it takes a village.




Lily turned 6!

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Lily turned 6 last week! Ted was out of town on her actual birthday so we celebrated as a family the night before.

We went to Kids Place to let the girls play.


They weren’t afraid of anything.

IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6133 IMG_6111 IMG_6123 IMG_6136

And neither was Ted 😉


And then celebrated at home and she opened her gifts from us. She wanted to save the others so she had something to open on her actual birthday. Ava and Ellie made her a Build-A-Bear, which she was thrilled about.

IMG_6149 IMG_6163 IMG_6168 IMG_6171 IMG_6180 IMG_6182 IMG_6187

On her actual birthday, we took cupcakes to her school and ate lunch with her. Ava and Ellie got to practice being a kindergartner.


Happy 6th Birthday, Lily!!


Christmas 2014

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We had a great Christmas 2014.

Ava had a Christmas play at school and she made a mighty cute sheep.


The girls thoroughly enjoyed decorating.

IMG_5976 IMG_5824 IMG_5839 IMG_5810

We went to the Awaited show in Cincinnati with Pop Pop and Nana, who came to spend Christmas with us. We didn’t get a family picture this year at the show, but I just love this one of Ava and Nana.


And we just had a great Christmas!


IMG_5973 IMG_5988 IMG_6050 IMG_6089 IMG_6100 IMG_5964 IMG_5975IMG_5960



Cousins in the Bluegrass

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Anna Grace and Josiah came to visit us the week before Christmas. They stayed a week and we had a great time.

They played outside a lot.

agvisit4 agvisit3

And played inside a lot.

agvisit10 agvisit

When you are the youngest of five kids and it is Christmas time, you end up being baby Jesus in the manger…or baby Ellie in the toy box. I’m not sure baby Jesus had a pillow but it was nice of the kids to think of it for Ellie .


Oh yea, PaPa came too 😉



And Josiah got some ‘man time’ in the basement with PaPa.


And you can’t come to Lexington without seeing horses. These are just a few houses down the road from us and nobody got bit! Success!

agvisit7 agvisit8 agvisit6

Although things got a little scary at times…


In the end, I think everyone had fun.

IMG_5920 (2) IMG_5907


Big Girl Bed

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Ellie got a big girl bed! We bought another bunk bed and Ellie is sleeping on the bottom bunk, in the same room as her sisters. She did great adjusting and we had an extra bed just in time for their cousins to visit.


IMG_5866 IMG_5875 IMG_5884 IMG_5882


Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power, Our God. November 17, 2014

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