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A little bit of Lily and Ava March 29, 2010

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Here are a few recent photos of Lily.

And a few of Ava. As you can see, Ava is getting tired of being buried =)


Our First Post

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Hello everyone.  We have decided to stop bombarding your Inbox with pictures and start blogging.  We think this will be a better way to keep you up to date with our life.

So, here’s our first blog. This past weekend we took a trip to Louisville.  I have attached some photos from the weekend. We went to the Louisville Zoo which ended up being a great zoo. We didn’t even know they had one. Lily enjoyed it.  It was hard for her to see some of the animals because they were far away. There were too many things between her and the animal  (kids, rails, flowers, the BALL in the cage with the Tiger, etc) for her to see them.   She really liked the close ones though.

Ava really enjoyed the zoo too! =)