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Girls July 24, 2010

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Ava drools...A LOT!!

...And Lily loves her anyway. =)


Ava Rocking July 19, 2010

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003, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

Ava has gotten some more practice and has perfected her rocking skills. Everywhere we go people comment on how amazing it is that she can rock herself. What can I say? Between Lily’s turning around skills and Ava’s rocking skills, I think our kids are pretty talented. Now, will they be able to read?

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Ava “Crawling”

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003, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

Ava’s on the move! …And you can see one of her bug bites.


Too sweet July 16, 2010

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Ava has been getting bites all over her. Today she got a very small one on her face. She has had 4 on her legs that swell and start pussing. The doctors thought she had MRSA, but she tested negative. The doctor seems to think she is getting spider bites on her legs and that she is allergic to the bite.  We have vacuumed the entire house and her bed and have not seen any spiders in her room or around the house.

I guess she is just sweeter than everyone else.


Beyonce July 14, 2010

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031, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

For some odd reason, Lily loves the Beyonce song “Single Ladies.” When it comes on the radio in the car, she starts dancing in her car seat, and then starts crying when it goes off. She loves it! Here is a video of her excitement about the song. As you can tell from the end, she’s even learned the chorus “uh uh oh.”

And, it is only this song she gets excited about. Ted tried playing some Michael Jackson after this and she was not impressed.
I guess she knows a good beat when she hears one. =)

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Solid Food July 13, 2010

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Ava had her first attempt at solid food! It went a lot better than Lily’s first attempt at solid food. It took Lily a few weeks to figure out how to swallow the food. Ava definitely spit some of it out but she also swallowed some in her first attempt.  She was more interested in eating her bib than eating any food though. She was bummed when I took the bib off.

Lily's First Food



I don't think I like this


Sometimes you gotta do things on your own July 6, 2010

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008, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

Ava has learned to rock herself in her carseat. Since this video she has gotten really good at it. She’s got the timing down now and pretty much starts rocking herself whenever we put her in the seat. (click on “008”)