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“A smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows” December 28, 2010

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Post Christmas

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Well, we had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too. We are so thankful for all the gifts everyone gave to the girls. They loved them.

Here are some photos of the girls on Christmas morning (and Christmas evening and even the next day) opening gifts. Lily opened about 4 gifts on Christmas morning and was a bit overwhelmed so we saved some of the gifts for Christmas evening and the next day. Enjoy! =)

Ted reading the Christmas Story from Lily’s Bible before opening gifts.

Highlights of Ava’s Christmas…

Playing with toys:

Ava’s Hat.

Too much Christmas for Ava…

And some highlights of Lily’s Christmas:

And Ava had to check out all of Lily’s gifts…


Merry Christmas! December 21, 2010

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I attempted a Christmas photo shoot with the girls. In my head I imagined getting a picture of the girls sitting in front of the Christmas tree.  But that would’ve been staged (and impossible), and I’m not a huge fan of staged photos. So instead, this is what I got…

…love that smile =)

And here are some more photos. Thanks Nana for the outfits! Merry Christmas everyone!

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Ava December 18, 2010

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026, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

…and a little bit of Ava. Here is a video of Ava demonstrating some of her newest tricks while my mom was in town. Her newest thing is “dancing.” She twists her head and arms side to side and rocks back and forth. She usually does it when music comes on, although she did not have any music in this video. It must’ve been in her head. =)

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Lily saying “Brr….cold!” after we got inside from dinner. It was really cold outside that night.

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Lily Dancing

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Lily dancing and singing. Enjoy =)

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Reading Fun December 11, 2010

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There are so many funny captions for this photo...