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Waiting for sis… January 30, 2011

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Sometimes Ava likes to wait outside Lily's door for her to wake up.

And if she hears Lily make a noise she tries to look underneath the door to see her.


Walking January 26, 2011

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018, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

… it’s official. We have another walker in the house. YIKES! She’s taken as many as 18 steps in a row so I think we can call it official.

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Superstar! January 17, 2011

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120, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

Lily loved the karaoke machine.

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003, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

The other day I was in the kitchen and I kept hearing Ava grunting in the living room. When I came into the room I found this. I didn’t get the video going until she was halfway under already but it was quite amusing seeing her squeeze under the trampoline. It is pretty low to the ground.

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004, originally uploaded by jhautau2.

When we tell Lily it’s time for her nap or to go to bed, she grabs her baby and says “prayers with the baby” says “Amen” and then puts the baby to bed. Usually the prayers are a jumble of words we do not understand (like in the video). Sometimes we can understand a few words such as “Thank you Snow and Cody and Birch…Amen”

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Visit Home and Lily’s Birthday

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Here are some photos from our trip to Charlotte and Lily’s birthday.

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