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Potty Training July 31, 2011

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I’ve decided to officially potty train Lily (and maybe Ava) after our beach trip. Lily has been weird about the whole¬†potty thing¬†so we decided to wait until she was ready. I think she’s close to ready. I have been putting her on the potty after she takes a bath just to get used to it. Here is the conversation last night:

Lily sitting on the potty and looking down in to the potty: “Where did the pee pee go? Oh!! Mommy! It’s hiding!! Pee pee, where are you?” Me: “When will your pee pee come?” Lily: “Maybe tomorrow.”

Here’s a picture of Ava, falling asleep mid snack. =)



And Ava loving being sprayed by the hose…


Lily’s “Certicifate” July 24, 2011

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…and no that’s not a typo. That’s how she says it.
I started video-ing the other night after Lily and Ted had been talking about her “certicifate” for about 3 minutes.
She talks about it almost daily. It is the certificate she got back in April when we flew to Charlotte to see my mom.
…and it’s still a daily conversation piece =)


Ava’s First Haircut

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Ava got her first haircut this past week. Her hair grew a little quicker than Lily’s. She was a little more apprehensive at first than Lily was…


But eventually relaxed and was entertained with the dog they had at the salon.








Lily was a good big sister. She told Ava in the car “Ava, it doesn’t hurt at all!” I thought Lily would be upset she wasn’t getting hers cut (because she loved getting hers cut so much) but she kept talking to Ava and was excited Ava was getting hers done.


Talking in the hotel room… July 18, 2011

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Lily talks, and talks and talks…and we understand about 30% of it, but that is 30% more than a few months ago. Ha.