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Potty Training July 31, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — jhautau @ 8:09 am

I’ve decided to officially potty train Lily (and maybe Ava) after our beach trip. Lily has been weird about the whole potty thing so we decided to wait until she was ready. I think she’s close to ready. I have been putting her on the potty after she takes a bath just to get used to it. Here is the conversation last night:

Lily sitting on the potty and looking down in to the potty: “Where did the pee pee go? Oh!! Mommy! It’s hiding!! Pee pee, where are you?” Me: “When will your pee pee come?” Lily: “Maybe tomorrow.”

Here’s a picture of Ava, falling asleep mid snack. =)



And Ava loving being sprayed by the hose…


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