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A little Ellie September 6, 2012

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Ellie is getting bigger. She had her eight week doctor’s appointment and she was in the 20% for weight (9 lbs), the 10% for height (21″), and the 10% for head size (no clue what it was). Her legs are finally big enough for shots, so she got three and was not a happy camper the rest of the day! She passed all her development tests except the “does she intentionally grab things?” question. The doctor said it’s not any concern because those are actually the development questions for an 8 week old, but her development is based on when her due date was, not when she was born. So technically, she is a 5 week old. So I guess that means she’s smart for her age…kinda. =)

She’s starting to smile more and being more alert.

She has a love for being on her stomach. When she can get there herself she will be there all the time…

And she has great big sisters that love her a whole lot.



One Response to “A little Ellie”

  1. Amy T. Says:

    Ellie is so beautiful..all your girls are! The pictures og the big girls with Ellie is so precious!

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