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Ava’s Adventures October 16, 2012

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Fixed tooth:

Ava went to the dentist last week to get her “tooth fixed.” She broke her front tooth when she fell at the park several months ago. We took her to the dentist and they put a coating on it because it was hurting her because she broke it to the nerve. They said to watch for any changes. The coating worked great until last weekend when Ava would randomly cry and scream “my tooth is hurting!”, not when she was eating or anything. I told her we would go to the dentist in two days because they were closed and she asked “can we wait outside the door until they open?”

The dentist x-rayed it and said the tooth needed to go. It was starting to turn slightly gray and was swollen around the gum. So, Ava got her tooth “fixed”, as she says. Which means, she doesn’t have a tooth anymore. She also doesn’t like to wear shoes, so I think she is a true Kentucky girl now. =)

Making change:

Ava swallowed a penny last Sunday. She was playing on the bed with me and Ellie in the morning and she suddenly said “OH MOMMY, I swallowed money!!” I laid out all the coins in front of her, and she picked a penny. Good parenting right there. =)
The doctors said it should come out within 24-48 hours but if it didn’t I should call them back. So, we went to Charlotte. On Tuesday there was still no sign of a penny, so I called the doctors. They said we needed an x-ray to make sure the penny wasn’t stuck in her stomach lining, etc. So, we went to the ER. And the girls loved waiting…

The x-ray showed a penny very low in Ava’s stomach and the docs felt sure it would come out on it’s own. The girls are in to “pretend” these days so although I would prefer my daughter not have a penny in her belly, I must admit I was slightly happy there was something in there and we didn’t waste our time/money on a pretend story. =)

After that week, Ava needed a break. Kentucky style.


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  1. Lynn Rogers Says:

    So did the penny finally come out?? Inquiring minds need to know! 🙂

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