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The Fair June 19, 2014

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The girls went to their first fair the other day and LOVED it. Lily and Ava started with the kiddie ferris wheel and ended with the huge ferris wheel. They rode every ride and begged to go back again.
Ellie said ‘no no no’ to riding the rides at first. Then we forced kindly brought her on the merry go round without her permission and she giggled the whole time. She ended up riding about 5 rides, including the huge ferris wheel. There are no pictures of Ellie since she wouldn’t ride anything by herself, but she was there. 🙂

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Swim lessons

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The girls LOVE swim lessons. Lily can pretty much ‘swim’ now. And by swim, I mean doggy paddle. But she can survive. For about 20 seconds and then she starts to sink.
Ava is close but not quite to ‘survival’ skills yet.

Here’s Lily’s dive 🙂


Open Gym June 11, 2014

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I took the girls to open gym yesterday and they enjoyed playing. Considering they have had no official gymnastics training, except for a few months in a toddler gymnastics play class, I was impressed with how comfortable Lily was on the beam. They have watched a lot of UK gymnastics competitions so I think she was imitating the routines she’s seen.
I think she would’ve been VERY surprised when she fell and straddled it. Thankfully that didn’t happen and apparently she’s not worried about it 🙂


Beach Trip 2014 June 9, 2014

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We just got back from our beach trip and it was a lot of fun! Lily and Ava are at a fun age for the beach and loved riding their boogie boards and playing in the ocean. Ellie loved the sand and going out deep with Ted. She giggled the whole way out her first time. She preferred going OVER waves instead of under, but she eventually got used to going under.
All the grandkids, except Ellie, went out on dad’s sailboat for the first time this year. Ellie was slightly (or very) afraid of the boat, maybe next year. 🙂

Here are a few (or a ton) of pictures that I took. ENJOY!

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