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Ellie turned 2…awhile ago! August 15, 2014

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Ellie is two! It is a little bit of old news now, but she is a third child, ya know.
She had a great birthday and enjoyed celebrating with family. Lily and Ava made her a Build-A-Bear dog and she loved it. She also got lots of great gifts from family.

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I’ve had a few requests for me to repost Eliana’s story for some people that I’ve met recently.
Click here if you would like to read it:

Eliana’s Story

I’ve also had a lot of people asking for an update on Ellie so here it is:

Ellie is simply amazing. She hasn’t had any major problems since she was born. Her only issue is she seems to get fevers for no apparent reason. At one point she had a fever for 5 months. The doctors checked everything and never found anything wrong. Eventually it went away. She gets them occasionally and there usually isn’t a reason.

She is monitored closely at her well child checks for growth and development. She is also monitored closely for symptoms of tumor development, since she is at risk of having tumors develop in her body from her placenta. So far so good…she had an ultrasound of all of her organs when she had her five month fever since a long term fever could be a symptom. Everything checked out well.
She just had her 2 year old well child check and all is good. And we confirmed she still has her healthy fear of doctors that inflict pain. She screamed from the second they called her name until we confirmed we were ‘all done’. Then she was laughing and trying to make friends with the doc who was WAY OVER her screaming. And it should be noted, she didn’t even get any shots.
She is still hanging out in the 5% for height and weight on the growth chart, which is where she’s been for awhile. The doc says they don’t care what percentile she is in, as long as she is growing. Which she is, just on her own curve. Which kinda fits her personality anyways šŸ™‚


We are so thankful for everyday with this pretty girl. What a blessing!


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