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FOOD!! January 10, 2013

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Ellie started rice cereal while we were gone and has done apples since we got home. She’s not the biggest fan of rice cereal but will smack her lips with some apples =)


Christmas Travel

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These blog posts are a little out of order…
We spent Christmas as a family in Charlotte from the 21st – 27th. Ted flew back to KY on the 27th for practice while we stayed in Charlotte to visit my mom more. We met Ted in Knoxville on Jan 2nd and spent 5 days in Knoxville.
We had a great trip but we are all so glad to be home. Here are some pictures from our trip!

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Almost on the move…

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But it looks like she is going the wrong way =)


Happy Birthday, Lily!

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It sounds so cliche…. but time goes so quickly! Lily turned four yesterday! I can’t believe our “baby” is four years old.
Ted made a blueberry pancake breakfast before he headed in to work.
Then I took the girls to an open gym in town yesterday during the day for them to play (see video below) and they had a blast. Their favorites were the swings and slides.

We had a little family party last night and had cake and opened presents. Ava picked out a gift for Lily the day before her birthday. She picked out a Barbie and a Gumby for Lily. Lily loved them!

It was a good day and we are so thankful for our “little” four year old.


Gym fun!

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We took the girls to an open gym for Lily’s birthday.